Why Date?

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Unless you are content to hypnotize yourself with a controller in your hand, in star wars pajamas with Cocoa Pebble stains on them, I am going to assume you are favorable to the idea of being in a relationship with a significant other. We could spend a lot of time focusing on the wrong reasons people start relationships (to meet emotional needs, to boast confidence, to fit in, etc.), but it would seem to be more practical to start at the beginning.

Many people find a person of interest and immediately start a relationship without ever asking the most basic question, “WHY DATE?” As Confucius should have said, “He that tests the depth of the water with both feet is a very dumb man.” If you are in or contemplating being in a relationship and do not have a firm, scriptural answer to that question, you should schedule some time for major pain and disillusionment in your near future.

God expects believers to submit dating to the same principles of Scripture as any other area, “Whether therefore ye eat or drink, do all to the glory of God.” (I Cor 10:31) This helps direct us in our dating relationships and answers the question, “Why date?” Dating is not about you…. or them…. it’s about Him. So how can one date to the glory of God? I am excited to begin this journey with you, as we look at God’s practical answers for searching believers.

As I prepare to put together a series on dating and relationships, I feel balance would be a aussi-stop-sign-1443865-mkey word to remember. I realize that even though I am writing primarily to a near graduated or college age audience, many of these questions and topics span generations, while some are much more specific. Therefore, I feel it would be wise, to attach a few disclaimers to this series.

I am expecting you to think and search Scripture (Don’t simply take my word for it.) This series will include many general principles. It is my desire that the principles come from Scripture, yet I realize some of the application of the principles may not be all inclusive or applicable in every situation.

I realize that there is quite a bit of debate regarding the meaning of dating versus courting, so for sake of clarity, I am defining dating as: “The mutual pursuit of marriage possibility.” I view dating in the same way I use the subway, the only reason to get on is to arrive at a predetermined destination. This idea stems from the principles found in (Luke 14:28) and the many purpose filled commands of Scripture.

I realize that even though guy/girl relationships are beautiful before God, it may not be God’s plan for every one of His children to be in a relationship, and singleness is not a curse from God.

My prayer is that many of these articles will help you prepare for a wonderful relationship based on our first and highest relationship.