Why Wait God?


Have you ever wished God would take the guesswork out of following Him and that He would give you a map of the next 20 years? Those who have studied the Scripture know that the goal of a Christian should be to glorify God, but it is difficult to know what that looks like as a college student facing graduation, marriage, or even the possibility of singleness.

God is more concerned with who we are than what we get done.

The prophet of the Lord, Samuel, anointed David as the king over Israel (I Samuel 16: 1-3), and then for fifteen years David waited, was hunted by the Royal guard, lived in enemy territory, hid out in the rocks and desert wilderness all the while waiting for God’s promise to be fulfilled.

What sort of doubt do you suppose tried to creep into David’s life as he waited? Especially since he originally started out defeating the # 1 bad guy in the land (I Sam 17), was married to the King’s daughter, and originally had the support of the people before going into exile as a condemned fugitive.

While David waited, God was doing amazing things in David. He became the man God needed Him to be in order to rule with a heart after God’s. God will not do anything great through you, until He has done it in you. Many times God will make you wait, and it will seem like Heaven is silent, but it is in those times that God is up to something great.

Have you ever felt like God is not answering or fulfilling His promises, wait on the Lord and be of good courage. God’s promises will always be fulfilled, but often, He has a different goal than we do.

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Is Satan Watching You


How is your relationship with Satan? Is Satan watching you? Is He concerned about the havoc you may cause to his kingdom?

In Job 1:1-11, Job is seen from a heavenly perspective. God declares Job to be a righteous man. In the dialogue God asks Satan if he had observed Job, and Satan’s answer shows he had been watching the servant of God. Satan knew many things about Job.

Satan knew Job feared God. How did he know Job feared God? Job worshiped with his life. Job feared God, shunned evil (1), and offered prayers and sacrifices (5). Job walked the walk so loudly that Hell took notice.

Satan knew Job’s situation (9). He knew Job’s resources.  Does Satan have a better understanding of our resources than we do? He knows the untapped power of a focused Facebook account, he knows how the power difference between fifteen minutes of prayer or sleep makes.  He knew that the blessing was God given, he knew that God protected Job. As Satan is not omniscient, it appears that Satan had taken an extra amount of time to study one of God’s righteous saints.

Satan also knew that Job was not his servant, and he was losing worship to the Almighty. The testimony of Job seared the lungs of Satan with its sweet aroma and pleased the nostrils of God. Job was a man of such integrity and testimony that he caused the Prince of darkness great concern.

My prayer is that more believers would follow Job’s pattern and cause Satan to sit up and take notice. Job’s life was a testimony not only to his friends and family, but also to the heavenly host, as Satan watched the firework display of God’s glory.