Six Year Old Theologian

Six Year Old Theologian

As Einstein once related, “If you cannot explain something to a six year old, you do not understand it yourself.”

I wanted to post an assignment for my Knowing God class.children-788782_1280

For this assignment, write out how you explain God’s love to a six year old by answering these questions.  Each answer should have at least one Scripture verse included in the explanation.  (If you can find a real child (5-8) you can walk the child through the questions and give a verbal explanation to the class instead of writing it out.)

How did God show His love to everyone?

How does God want us to show our love? (make sure you stay away from guilting them to love)

What things make God happy? (make sure you think through the reasons why we do certain actions)

If God loves us, why does He give us so many rules?

How did a Bible character show God love?



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