God of Spilt Milk

God and Milk

Have you ever taken the time to observe the intricate design in a puddle of spilt milk? Do you realize, if you were to spill another glass, it would never have the same pattern? milk

There is a difference between not crying over spilt milk and embracing it as an act of beauty from a sovereign Creator.

God wants us to embrace the beauty of His creation and see Him in everything around us. This is not the same thing as pantheism (that the universe is god), but a command of God to see His creativity and beauty in the mirror of creation. Creation reflects God’s awesomeness. When Job doubts the care and love of God, how does God respond? God responds by showing Job His power through the intricate details of His creation.

How do you look at the world? Do you have the eyes of a child that sparkle with a sense of wonder? Have you lost the sense of amazement at the “simple works” of God? My 11 month old baby girl, is fascinated by lint on the floor. She takes her little hands and examines it with her tiny fingers totally enraptured by floor lint, while her parents throw it in the trash without a second thought.

We so easily take the amazing works of God and totally disregard them. Just look at how we look at snow? Snow is often viewed as an impediment to our goals or a hindrance, but truthfully it is the intricate, harmonious working of God’s hand. Take note when you pass a snow drift or see the salt stains on your car, because they will never again be the same.

God is constantly giving us a once in a lifetime display of His beauty.

Every moment of the day, God has given us wonders to observe that will never be replicated. From thewater-219733__180 pattern of maple leafs on the tree, to the swirling vortex of your sink or toilet, all are one of a kind viewings designed to show His glory.

Have you given thanks for the ordered randomness of his beauty? Paul touches on this topic in 1Thessalonians 5:18, “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” Have you given thanks for the intricate details of spilt milk, Kool-Aid stains, or a messy house?

Every action in the universe is designed to show the image and characteristics of Christ. Imagine if we had an angel’s view of the universe, and did not have the necessity of cleaning up the spilt milk, or shoveling the snow drift, or taking out the trash, would we see the splendor of the mundane?

According to Colossians 1:16, everything was created by God to show his glory. That means that the spilt milk has unlimited beauty. Everythingcoffee-691464__180 in creation praises God’s name. From the mighty super nova to the smallest atomic particle, or swirl in your latte, all creation heralds God’s fame.

Are we watching? Are we awake to the glory of God seen in the differing billows of smoke from an exhaust pipe? Do we see the handiwork of God in the cracks along the sidewalk, or the differing laugh lines in people we meet?

God’s glory is all around us in the extreme and the mundane. Thank you, Lord, for making a universe with such intense diversity.

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