Super Hero Training: Part 1

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If you could wake up tomorrow morning with any super power, what would it be? What would be the ramifications of having such power? What would change in the world if you had that power? How would you change if you had that super power?

As I thought about the first question, I realized, I already have super powers. The first one that came to mind, through Christ, was that I am immortal. That’s right, nothing can kill me superman(Titus 1:2). The worst that an enemy’s arrow can do (under the watchful eye of God) is remove this fading outer body and unleash my full potential.

I have the power of super sight. Even though I cannot see through brick walls, I can see past time and see the objects of which this temporal world is only a shadow (Hebrews 11:13). This power of sight, lets me see reality and find bad guys and servants of evil (Mat 7:13, James 3:9).

I have a super weapon that was forged by God in Heaven (Eph 6:17). This adamantine blade can never be destroyed (Mat 5:17) and causes the Prince of Darkness to flee (Mat 4:1-8). Whoever wields it must first conform to its commands (II Tim 2:15) and then follow where it leads.

As I ponder, I realize that sadly not much has changed because of these super powers, and it is not the super power’s fault. I have not consistently lived like I have super powers.iron man

Who hasn’t been enraged by the negligence of a super hero (see Metroman from Megamind for a case study)? Even worse is the abuse of powers for personal gratification (this is why I struggle with Iron Man, no hate speech please). I could rant on about heroes that failed to meet up to our expectations, but to make it personal, what about us?

What super powers has God given you as a believer, and what should you do with them?

Let me know what other super powers God has given Christians.

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