Look at Me Lions


Last weekend my family and I went to the Madison zoo. Towards the end of our tour, we saw a whole bunch of people congregating around a particular pen. I figured it must be rather exciting, so we hurried to the site, and on the rock was the king of beasts. The King of the Jungle was on display, yet nobody was worried, nobody was running for their lives, and I thought, how sad. The most exhilarating thing this killing machine accomplished was lazily bat around a tire swing. One of the world’s foremost hunters did not even cause a newborn to tremble or cry. We were watching a “look at me lion.”

This brought to mind many Christians with the same complex. We are surrounded by, “look at me Christians.” Christians who have the power of God coursing through their veins yet are content to be “look at my Christians.” They have the form of Christians, but don’t resemble a real Christian any more than the beast in the zoo. They contentedly bat around the tire swing of relationships and worthless pursuits and saunter fifteen minutes late to get feed at the next Sunday Morning service.

If a “look at me lion” were dropped into the wild, they would die without anyone to slice up their steak or bandage their wounds. In the same way, I wonder if we were placed in the “wild” and our circumstances changed and we had to face real difficulties and had to go to the Word of God to find out own answers, how would we survive?

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